A note from our founder, Denise PowersDenise Gower, Fountainhead founder and CEO

Dear friend,

It is an interesting experience, looking back at all that has happened since I launched Fountainhead in 2012. 

At that time, I thought the gap in the market my new business would superbly fill was business development support for financial services businesses in the Cayman Islands.  But, as it turned out, that isn't what people wanted.  If you are an entrepreneur, you will understand where I am coming from – sometimes things don't work out according to the carefully set plans tediously put in place during all those midnight hours. 

Well, that is part of the fun.

Instead, the companies that came to us were Cayman’s ‘blue-chip’ organisations, needing intelligent, results-driven marketing. They all had talented people on their teams, and incredible insight into their industries, but struggled to tell their stories to the audiences they needed to reach. Most of these audiences were outside of the Cayman Islands and were in far-flung places around the world.  Some of them were right here at home.

We grew and adapted, working hard and putting our clients at the centre of our world.  But I noticed a trend:  what was lacking was a system for being able to deliver messages to a wide-spread target audience in a predictable, automated, highly measurable and consistent way that generated growth, or told their stories, as they wanted them told.

What we needed was a more concentrated approach – not being all things to all people, but niching down to a specific area and offering specific services.  We love working with services-based organisations.  We are storytellers and public relations is at our hearts.  We love helping businesses grow and achieve their business goals.  Now this is all we do.

So, you are likely wondering – what does this have to do with me and is Fountainhead the right firm to be working with? 

The answer is:  maybe yes and maybe no.

What do I mean by that?

Think about your clients and those that you have good ‘chemistry’ with.  You understand their businesses, their philosophy and direction and they understand your processes and what to expect from your service.  Things click.  That ‘click’ is important to us.

What is good chemistry?

  1. Is your organisation a socially-conscious, purpose-driven shop brimming with enthusiasm and ideas, great services with a long-term vision of making quantifiable, positive changes in your community (and beyond)?

  2. Are you looking for a complete strategic solution, or are you looking for small pieces of your puzzle? If it is the latter, we are not likely a good fit.

  3. Do you have a burning desire that you want to achieve and just don’t know how to get there?

  4. Are you value-focused? Are you prepared to make the investment to bring your ideas to life, because you know that not hiring us is more expensive than doing so?

  5. Are you willing to have us in the driver’s seat, diagnosing the challenges and prescribing the best solutions that can lead to real change?

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