Thanks for your interest in Fountainhead. 

We are a 'people first' company of A-players, who want to work only with other A-players. If you are driven to serve others and take pride in what you do, you will love working here.

With a team that is constantly growing, we are always looking for others who share our vision and really want to get stuff done and in our own small way, change the world. 


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Digital Copywriter

Strategic Storytelling 

Have you always been a writer?  Do you want your work to make a difference, by helping to rebuild the Caribbean and Latin American tourism industry?  Can you draw pictures with words, grab attention, tell stories? 

Do you want to be excited about the work you do every day?  Do you want to work in a diverse team of passionate people who are results-focused, open-minded, creative, disciplined and always aiming higher?  Does the thought of this excite you? 



  • Can take complex ideas and make them easy to understand 
  • Are an exceptional writer and storyteller 
  • Are an experienced digital copywriter
  • Understand the user/buyer journeys 
  • Can write for multiple personas 
  • Take 100% accountability for your work 
  • Are willing to participate in difficult but always respectful conversations to grow and learn  
  • Have a career history of success, delivering WOW for your team and your clients 
  • Want to do meaningful work and have meaningful relationships 
  • Are motivated by actively participating in the growth of Fountainhead and our clients 


We Are

  • A digital PR and marketing activation agency focused on hoteliers, attractions and destinations in the Caribbean and Latin American region
  • Bravely kind - listen and lean into the awkward to serve others
  • Authentic - be ourselves and embrace diversity and differences
  • Minimalist - doing more with less, clearly and simply
  • Truthful - earning trust
  • Dedicated to getting results - always learning and thinking 'what else is possible'

The Opportunity 

The mission of the Fountainhead Copywriter is to write impactful, attention-grabbing, persuasive copy for digital and traditional media. 

The Fountainhead Copywriter can attract, connect with and persude readers to take an action, to care about the destinations, the properties and the attractions that we represent. 

The position will require working as part of a team including aaccount director/strategist, digital director, digital marketing manager, creative director, graphic designer and a project manager, who work together to design, plan, produce and publish public relations and marketing activation campaigns that create demonstrable results for our clients. 


Expected Outcomes 

You will be expected to: 

  • Write various types of content, including:  blogs, social media content, advertising copy, video scripts, e-books, emails, press releases, website copy, articles and other content that sells, achieving the expected outcomes 
  • Write key messages and tone of voice documentation, following brand guidelines 
  • Own editorial calendars and style guides to ensure consistency of messaging and tone of voice 
  • Edit and proof work to ensure high editorial standards are met across all content outputs 
  • Review analytics/reports to test and iterate messaging 
  • Be committed to delivering outcomes to the client, while also balancing the needs and the resources of Fountainhead 
  • Deliver high-quality work, on time 


You are not a fit if you… 

  • Think negatively 
  • Can’t communicate effectively and regularly 
  • Are not interested in building success for Fountainhead and our clients 
  • Can’t interpret data critically and create compelling stories around it 
  • Aren’t a resourceful self-starter 
  • Can’t work collaboratively within a team 
  • Work quickly, but miss details because you want to get the job done, rather than get the job done right 
  • Easily overwhelm under the pressure of handling multiple projects at once 
  • Can’t work in an environment of high standards 
  • Don’t ask for help when you need it 


You know you are right for this amazing opportunity if you… 

  • Have at least 3 years of experience at a high level of creative content creation and copywriting 
  • Are proud of your work, always striving to improve 
  • Are respected by your peers and your clients for being honest, transparent, reasonable, and trustworthy as well as fun to work with 
  • Can manage multiple complex projects at one time 
  • Are a proactive self-starter, organized and detail-oriented 



Communications Fundamentals – You have a deep understanding and applied knowledge of how to write copy that inspires people.  You are an excellent writer and storyteller and have a solid background in writing content for digital channels. 

Critical Thinking – Your content is practical, leading the user down the sales/awareness funnels. 

Project Management – You can work on multiple large and complex projects delivering high-quality material, on-time and in scope. 

Communication – You can simply communicate complex data, telling the stories that lead to business insights.   


Why you’ll want to work here 

We care about our team because we believe that life is best with meaningful work and meaningful relationships.  

Fit — We will over-communicate fit through feedback and alignment with where the company is going and share exactly how you are helping improve the bottom line. 

Family — We know family is important and will be flexible so you can be present and live a well-integrated life.  

Freedom — We will give you ample freedom to make decisions and will not micromanage you. 

Fortune — If you accomplish your objectives, you will grow in compensation and responsibility over the next five years. 

Fun — We like to have a lot of fun around here. We think you will find this is a culture you will really enjoy. 


Application deadline:  Monday December 7  2020 at 5:00 pm