Case Study: Captive Insight

Challenge and Objective

Fountainhead has been the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman's (IMAC) marketing partner for the better part of five years.

As a not-for-profit association, IMAC is always looking for creative ways to deliver their messages about Cayman's integrity, high professional and regulatory standards, and the innovative environment that has been built here. 


To assist in their cause, Fountainhead teamed up with IMAC to produce and publish an annual magazine which is their primary printed marketing tool. Captive Insight is distributed at their signature Cayman Captive Forum, other conferences and events, and also in digital form to an opt-in mailing list.  

In 2018 a website was launched to bring the print publication online and engage in conversation with views on the topics. Social media platforms were added to accelerate two-way dialogue with readers.

The result is a beautiful and engaging publication and digital communication strategy that works together in a seamless, omni-channel way.

Our Promise

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