Case Study: Ministry of Tourism

Challenge and Objective

The Cayman Islands has become a significant cruise destination in the Caribbean with 1.7 million passengers visiting Grand Cayman in 2017 – a record number.  This industry has been built over many years and innumerable Caymanian businesses have been established to provide services to this market:  tour operators, taxi drivers, watersports operators, restaurants and bars, and souvenier shops.  It is a vital part of the Cayman economy, contributing $200 million annually.

With the introduction of mega-class ships, the cruise lines have drawn a definitive line in the sand – they will not put Cayman on their itineraries for these ships unless there is a cruise berthing facility, as it is impossible to manage the disembarkation and embarkation process of so many people through the current tender boat operations. Without a cruise berthing facility, the cruise industry in the Cayman Islands will be decimated.

The cargo port is also located in George Town and with the current space limitations, there is significant congestion. Port operations and unloading now typically take place overnight so as to not conflict with daytime business, but it does create noise and traffic that is not conducive to the development of George Town’s nightlife.

The answer, of course, is a cruise berthing facility that will allow for oasis class ships to dock and will also accommodate the cargo ship operations more efficiently

Managing the message is the challenge.

SolutionCayman Islands Ministry of Tourism Support our Tourism

  • Create a tightly aligned traditional and digital public relations plan to deliver the facts about the project in a manner that will rise above the ‘noise’

  • To deliver that plan, always focusing on messaging, timeliness and relationships

  • To measure the outcomes and tweak as necessary to ensure that the objectives are met.


A public relations plan that focused on delivering the facts with a refreshed identity applied across relevant channels.

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