Case Study: OfReg

Challenge and Objective

In 2017, Cayman's three regulatory bodies responsible for ICT, electricity, water and fuel joined together to form the Utility Regulation and Competition Office - OfReg for short.

As an advocate and innovator for these sectors, OfReg set to work to ignite conversations on connectivity and consumer protection.

The regulator set out on a mission to:

  1. Develop key messages centered around connectivity and consumer protection

  2. Promote the key messages to the public through an organic social media campaign

  3. Develop a friendly voice to effectively communicate the key messages in layman's terms - making it easy for the public to understand and engage.


Being the regulator, OfReg must maintain a strong and serious tone, but a sub-brand would allow OfReg to reach and teach all the Cayman Islands population what they do in a friendlier way.

Cayman Connected Professor Fibre on the importance of quality internet in the Cayman IslandsTherefore Cayman Connected and Cayman Protected were created with the goal to promote what OfReg does in a softer and friendlier tone. 

Professor Fibre is the mascot of Cayman Connected. Professor Fibre teaches all people in the Cayman Islands, how important it is to have a strong, fast and reliable internet connection; that quality internet is not a luxury, but a requirement for a vibrant economy that provides opportunities to all of its citizens. 

Engineer Ellie is the mascot of Cayman Protected.  Engineer Ellie is here to protect and defend all the consumers in the Cayman Islands, and to educate people as to what their responsibilities and rights are as consumers.

Together the duo make up the essence of Cayman Connected and Cayman Protected. 


Promoting key messages to the entire community of the Cayman Islands meant the target audience was wide and varied.

Professor Fibre and Engineer Ellie's illustrative style were effective in simplifying high-level concepts like 'internet exchange points' and liquefied petroleum gas'. They were able to communicate these messages to an entire population through their colourful and often humourous antics.

  • 1,200 Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers, gained organically

  • More than 400 reads on blog posts

  • Over 1,500 page views on website


The story of Professor Fibre and Engineer Ellie is not over.

By developing these two characters, OfReg now has a tool in which to communicate with the Cayman public.

Cayman Connected and Cayman Protected is an ongoing campaign doing outreach to various organisations around the Cayman Islands, including those around protecting children from cyber bullying.

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