Public Relations

What is public relations?

Iliyana Stareva, in her great book Inbound PR, describes it thus:  "PR is concerned with organisational reputation and building meaningful and positive relationships between various audiences".

Digital communications has transformed traditional PR, making it even more powerful and measurable. It has eliminated the need for the middle man (the media) and enables organisations to engage directly with their target audiences, including prospects, clients, investors, influencers and others through online channels using articles, blogs, social media, e-books, whitepapers, podcasts, video and online events such as webinars.

Modern PR takes into account how our decision-making process has changed. Today, we do our research online - for everything.  We check reviews. We ask for recommendations and referrals. We compare features, benefits and pricing online. We educate ourselves easily on the topics and ideas that interest us and we are agitated by intrusions, such as advertisements. Relevant, timely, valuable information captures our attention and engages us. 

This is where traditional and modern public relations join - both are about being found, being heard, by the right people. In the digital era, it is made all the more precise. It builds trust. It is empowering, authentic and engaging. And it's measurable.   

See how the beauty of digital public relations can increase your brand equity, and deliver clients that are a perfect fit for your services.

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