Case Studies



Facing a severe dip in visitor revenues due to the COVID pandemic, Grand Cayman’s premier vacation ownership resort Morritt’s Tortuga, decided to entice fellow islanders to enjoy some post-quarantine luxury. But to publicise its ‘Staycation’ initiative, Morritt’s needed some marketing muscle. To get the traction needed, the company turned to Fountainhead. 

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CASE STUDY: Support Our Tourism

CATEGORY: Public Relations

The Cayman Islands has become a significant cruise destination in the Caribbean with 1.7 million passengers visiting Grand Cayman in 2017 – a record number. This industry has been built over many years and innumerable Caymanian businesses have been established to provide services to this market: tour operators, taxi drivers, watersports operators, restaurants and bars, and souvenir shops. It is a vital part of the Cayman economy, contributing CI$149.9 million in 2016.

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CATEGORY: Inbound Marketing

As the regulatory body of the Cayman Islands with responsibility for fuels, ICT and utilities, OfReg has a mandate unique in the world.  They must break new ground to effectively engage with the local community and to help people understand the role it plays, and how its work benefits consumers every day.

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CASE STUDY: Cayman International Insurance

CATEGORY: Digital Marketing

The Insurance Managers Association of Cayman (IMAC), as the industry association for captive insurance and reinsurance in the Cayman Islands, has a mandate to promote the Cayman Islands as a superior domicile for these types of alternative insurance entities. 

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CASE STUDY: Chamber Pension Plan

Category: Social Media

Although planning for one’s future, and particularly retirement, is seen as a prudent thing to do, it is not often on the top of a person’s “top 10 list” of things they like to do.   Financial and investing information is often complicated and unengaging.  The concepts can be difficult to understand.  It is often technical, with charts of numbers that make sense to a select few. 

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CASE STUDY: Captive Insight

CATEGORY: Content Marketing

As a not-for-profit association, the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman (IMAC) is always looking for creative ways to deliver their messages about Cayman's integrity, high professional and regulatory standards, and the innovative environment that has been built here. 

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Why Our Clients Stay With Us

Our stories are authentic

As public relations specialists, we are the bridge between you – that organisation that wants to make change happen – and those who will be positively impacted by that change.  We are in service to those you are in service to. We help you tell the stories that will inspire your audience, motivating them to take the next step. 

Valuable, seamless, effective communications

We are consumers too.  We are just as tired of low-value, interruptive and high noise marketing tactics as you and your clients are.  We say enough is enough! 

Expertise at a newer, higher level

As a growth public relations agency of strategic storytellers, we take to heart our responsibility to build and manage your organisation’s reputation and to build meaningful and positive relationships between you and your audiences.    We will get you heard by the people you want to talk with: in the media, on social channels, through your website, and face-to-face. 

ROI and lots of it

We know that you have likely been burned by an agency who promised you the world, spent your money, created some pretty pictures and got some impressions and likes, but didn’t move the needle of your bottom line.  That is a waste.  Public relations and marketing IS measurable.  Let us show you how.

We work smart and hard

Because we are experts in our field, we can work smart.  We also work hard, rolling up our sleeves and getting into the thick of things.  There is no satisfaction without a little sweat the brow!

We believe in big stuff too

Our clients want to make the world a better place, usually through education, sustainable economic development and health, but are held back by various things:  a lack of resources, a lack of qualified leads and an inability to acquire new customers.  Our job is to remove the barriers and let their competitive advantage shine!

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